On Identity Politics and LARPing


– Rizal Roja

It is dumbfounding that western “leftists”, many of who claim to be “Marxists”, are arguing class/anti-imperialist struggle is “identity politics” in defence of reactionary Identity Politics (“IDPOL”).

Economic class is not an “identity”. It is a material reality. Exploitation is not just a big word. It is not a “feeling”. It is a physical, measurable thing. When an entire class, population or region is exploited by capitalism-imperialism, you cannot simply “choose” not to be a part of an exploited class as simply as you can identify with a fictional gender identity. A farmer in Africa cannot simply imagine himself back his stolen surplus value, or the stolen raw materials of his community. A Slum Dweller in New Delhi cannot imagine himself a bowl full of food or a jug full of clean water, as the privileged radical liberals of the west can imagine themselves as “oppressed”.

The degenerate upper-class gender-warriors, who claim that economic exploitation, neo-colonial slavery, real racial oppression etc, are simply a form of “identity” are so insanely privileged, they have such an absence of any kind of hardship in their lives, that they project their fictional imagination politics onto the conditions of the majority of humanity.

The Radical Liberals who promote diversionary, divisive, eurocentric and ultimately, chauvinist identity politics are not “Revolutionaries”, but confused liberals. Their movement is the so-called “left wing” of liberal imperialism. The entire struggle between the right-wing populists, or “alt-right” and the radical liberal “leftists” of the west is a carefully orchestrated cultural war between two competing trends of liberal capitalism. The goal of this conflict is to serve as both a “release valve” for the pent-up frustration stemming from a legitimately broken global system and also to generate profits for large corporations.

To be on either side of the cultural conflict demands a kind of “brand loyalty” toward products, corporations, media, etc, that are deemed either “right wing” or “left wing”. To be a “leftist” (radical liberal) you must watch “progressive” television – cartoons like “Steven Universe”, “Adventure Time”, etc. You must play “Progressive” video games. You must eat from “Progressive restaurants”, buy “Progressive” brand clothing (eg. Nike), eat at “progressive” restaurants, watch “Progressive” mainstream news, go to “Progressive rallies”, buy gender blocking hormones, etc. To be a “alt righter” or “traditionalist”, you must watch “traditionalist” television and anime, play “traditionalist” games, eat at “traditionalist” restaurants, buy from “traditionalist” clothing companies, watch traditionalist YouTubers and streamers, use “traditionalist” social media (eg, 4chan), buy muscle growth steroids and avoid soy products, and so on.

All of this is about building brand loyalty, generating profits, and offering frustrated and alienated middle and upper-class youth a safe imagination-land to let out their frustration. People consume from, and advocate for “their side”on social media as virtue signalers. At its very worst, the cultural war between the right populists vs “left” radical liberals escalates into a small scale street skirmish. At the end of the day, no guns are fired, and everybody goes home after having a good time like one might have at an American civil war reenactment or a “live action role play”. The entire conflict between these groups is an entirely imagined, safely controlled playground between two competing trends of liberalism which ultimately, share an interest in the preservation in the maintenance of capitalism-imperialism and neo-colonialism on a global level.

These people are NOT “leftists” or “Marxists”. They are not “comrades”. They imagine themselves as the ultimate victims of the world in a self-serving and narcissistic way. They do nothing to fight for the exploited and oppressed majority of the world, including the oppressed proletarian underclass of their own backyard. These are very privileged, very delusional man-children who are fighting ultimately for the supremacy of the Western Empire and capitalism-imperialism.


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