As the Brexit situation continues to unfold within Britain, desperation among representatives of the ruling conservative (“tory”) party is growing, as the country is faced with the increasing likelihood of a “no-deal” Brexit, which will likely send the country into economic chaos. The EU Imperialists, seeking to make an example of Britain in order to deter future defections from the Imperial “European-Union” project, have given the ruling regime a choice between the economic chaos of a hard Brexit, and the very unfavorable and unpopular deal which Prime Minister May is attempting to push through the parliament.

Members of the ruling “Tory” party fear that they will be ejected from power, either via an inner-party coup against Theresa May, or via an increasingly likely forced general election if May’s Brexit deal fails to pass through parliament, In their desperation, members of the ruling regime have resorted to “threatening food shortages”[1], as the media describe,  in Ireland should the EU not offer a more favourable Brexit deal. This should more accurately be described as a threat to force starvation on the people of Ireland, a country which in the 21st century, is still recovering from the starvation of 19th century forced famine (effectively a genocide) in which over a million Irish people starved, and in which a million others were forced to flee the country to the Americas or Australia.

“Terrorism” is defined by NATO (of which Britain is a member) as follows: “The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence against individuals or property in an attempt to coerce or intimidate governments or societies to achieve political, religious or ideological objectives”

Threatening mass starvation on an unrelated sovereign country in order to gain political concessions from a third party is in effect a threat of violence, and thereby a form of massive Terrorism. By their own definition, high ranking members of the British regime have threatened massive scale terrorism against the people of a country which has historically suffered greatly from British forced hunger in the past.

The hypocrisy of the British regime in advocating Imperial terrorism while denouncing the so-called “terrorism” of anti-colonial and anti-imperialist forces, often acting in self-defence, should surprise nobody. Britain has been since the beginning of the modern age, a hypocritical and autocratic regime which has made a habit of saying one thing and doing another. The British regime will denounce the bombings of Irish Republicans as “terror” which carrying out bombings against Africa, Asian and middle-eastern people. It will denounce anti-imperialist regimes like the DPRK or Syria for being “undemocratic” while it is lead by an unelected autocrat who effectively has the power to dissolve the government and impose her will at any time. It demands other regimes in the world respond peacefully to so-called “democratic uprisings”, even when such uprisings blatantly employ mass violence while imposing a hyper police state within its own borders and responding with military force to popular uprisings. It denounces lesser Imperialist states like Russia for “interfering” in the electoral processes of other countries, while it has historically overthrown popular and progressive regimes in Africa, and replaced them with violent autocrats who proceeded to drive the economies of their countries into the ground.

The British regime is among the most violent human rights violating regimes in history, which has brutally exploited and oppressed the people of its historical colonies, including Ireland.  These recent threats of terrorism and genocide stemming from inside the Tory regime prove that the nature of the British Imperialist beast has not fundamentally changed from the days it chained politically conscious Indians to the barrel end of cannons for the “crime” of defiance, or packed Africans into slave ships to fuel the economic growth of the Empire. Britain is, and remains, among the most inhumane and violent states in the world.

[1]. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-ireland-food-shortages-threat-risk-priti-patel-negotiate-better-deal-a8672326.html?utm_source=reddit.com


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