The Trump Regime in the United States has announced a plan to “decriminalize homosexuality” around the world following the hanging of a homosexual in Iran [1]. This follows years of the United States government covertly, and recently, not so covertly [2] bankrolling neocolonial groups advocating the umbrella of “queer politics” (western style homosexual and transsexual identity politics) around the world.

In reality, this “decriminalization push” is an attempt to further build up the global fifth column of forces allied with US-Neocolonialism throughout the Third World. It is an attempt to further tighten the chains of neocolonialism on the masses of Africa, Asia and Latin America by drowning educated youth in the cesspool of liberal ideology, by promoting the growth of ideological liberalism and by building up “activist” groups primarily composed of the economically privileged, which will be prepared to act in the interests of the United States and Europe politically. Perhaps most insidiously is the attempt by queer activists to rewrite the history of societies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. They aim to promote the idea that gay and transsexualism have “always existed” in these societies, and that same-gender loving and third gender people are the same as, and were practitioners of degenerate queer culture. The idea of rewriting the history of a colonized people is an old one and has been practiced throughout the world – with much efficiency, with the goal of “mentally colonizing” a people. This process is well underway and has been extremely effective in the neo-colonies most closely bound to the US – particularly Latin America, and the Philippines.

The push ties into a secondary strategy in manufacturing the consent of so-called “leftists” in the primary first world regions of the world. In the last two decades, we have seen the US employ “left wing” or “progressive” rhetoric in order to drum up support for Imperialist intervention in the third world. This began in Iraq and Afghanistan, with the wars of mass rape and genocide against the Iraqi and Afghan people being touted as “Feminist intervention”. Supposedly, “the troops” were there to free women and girls. During the Syrian and Libyan interventions, the same rhetoric was employed but stepped up. In Syria, supporting the bloody US intervention was linked with both feminism and the concept of national liberation for the Kurds. Attractive Kurdish women in traditional clothing holding guns were shown across the media as the attempt to build a Kurdish settler state in Syria, similar to Israel, was painted as a war of Feminist liberation – the “Rojava revolution”. Attractive, crying women were once again brought out when the Imperialists aimed to drum up support for war against the Korean State (DPRK). Sob stories were told about an “evil, oppressive political and economic elite”, about prostitute “pleasure squads” belonging to Marshal Kim Jong Un. And this is being employed yet again in the build-up to intervention in Venezuela in the form of Sakaism, with those critical of the idea that mass rape and carpet napalming of the Venezuelan people are the solutions to problems in the country (which are, in large part the creation of the US Imperialists, and in part also the failure of new-left ideology) being branded as “white supremacists”.

This push is, of course, rejected by the overwhelming majority of people in the Third World. While the petty-bourgeoisie and intelligentsia – alienated from their communities, detached from their people, and wooed by western consumer culture, may be swept up in these falsifications of history, and enamored with the reactionary consumer-identity lifestyles of the west, the popular masses, who live day to day crushed under the weight of neocolonial slavery, are wiser. They understand implicitly – even if they lack the education and language to describe it, that such things are fundamentally foreign, and that the narrative of history presented by the Imperial lackeys is fictional. The popular masses of the third world – especially Africa, reject the reactionary Trojan horse of queerism. The masses of the third world do not want hypersexualization, or consumerism, or narcissistic entertainment culture. They cry for food, for water, for adequate shelter, medicine for their children. For people whose primary demand is simply to breathe freely, there could be nothing more alien than the demands of the comprador intelligentsia, that homosexuality and transsexualism should be taught to their children.

Fortunately, the Imperialists and their agents are rhetorically committing suicide with their bizarre, fetishistic insistence that the population of the third world embraces this most bizarre movement. When the comprador elite talk of popularizing western style queer politics, there could be no greater indication to the masses they supposedly serve that they are wholly detached both from reality and from the demands of the proletariat and other oppressed masses.  There will be increasingly popular blowback on the issue from the masses of the third world, and it is up to Communists to guide them away from a reactionary criticism of queerism towards a revolutionary, and progressive criticism. If Communists are not prepared to lead the way, then the masses will instead be guided by the forces of reaction, who will act quickly to manipulate the righteous anger of the masses towards their own continued enslavement. Capitalism, as a system, is highly elastic. It is flexible, and the imperial bourgeoisie will support whatever policies best serve their interests today. Right now, it is queer politics – tomorrow, it may be something else. We must never cease trying to analyze, and understand capitalism and its trends.

Communism is the hammer which will crush all toxic reactionary and backward elements of society as we build a new, beautiful and just world.

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