We’ve seen yet again in recent days how quickly “hardline” revolution or death Yankee “communists” have gone back to cheerleading for liberal imperialism the minute a mild social democrat (in this case, cruise missile “socialist” Bernie Sanders) comes along to offer them the a more, so-called “equitable redistribution” of wealth within the imperialist states. The problem is, this wealth does not belong to the populations of the west, to begin with. The wealth which enables the expansive social-democratic states of Europe, or the parasitic consumerism of the United States, Australia, Canada, and Japan is built upon the exploitation of the exploited masses of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Indeed, every city in the imperialist states has its foundation soaked in the blood of the global proletariat – of the working masses of the third world. It doesn’t matter that these Yankee “radicals” that the social-imperialist policies are only possible through the increased exploitation of the global proletariat, of workers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. All that matters is their own personal enjoyment. More imperial concessions, more loot, more parasitism. At this point, it is debatable whether they are even concerned about the rest of their parasite class. It is purely about themselves as individuals, about acquiring more luxuries personally. “To hell with you, I want mine!” is their attitude.

This is pure, selfish parasitism, and cowardice to the extreme. Third Worldist Communists have pointed out for years that so-called “communists” in the west will wave the red flag only until a viable social-democrat/imperialist candidate is presented to offer them their “fairer share” of the imperialist loot. Yet again, we are proven correct with the sudden outpouring of support for the imperialist Bernie Sanders, as we were in 2016, or upon the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party in Britain. These social-imperialists claim they support Bernie due to the lack of a “more socialist candidate”. They claim that there is no better option currently and that revolutionaries who criticize them for their cowardice are “armchairists” who present no viable path for an immediate revolution in the US. In claiming this, they admit that the Yankee working class are overwhelming, violently opposed to the cause of socialism and anti-imperialism. They, of course, justify this with claims of “false consciousness”. Serious revolutionaries understand that Yankee workers are not the innocent, gullible fools they are made out to be by the First-Worldists. This is not “false consciousness” but proof that the Yankee “working class” understands on which side of the global class divide they stand. The simple fact is, there is no current path to building socialism in the First World which does not first center on aiding the struggle of revolutionaries in the Third World.

The exploited and oppressed masses of Africa, Asia, and Latin America will find no real allies among the general population or the so-called “left” of the Imperialist states. Liberation will not be delivered on high by “benevolent” revolutionaries in the west. It can only be earned from the blood and sweat of struggle waged by the masses of the Third World. The masses of Africa, Asia, and Latin America will be free from neo-colonial slavery, and Imperialists will be brought into a world of equality and justice, even if they must be dragged into it kicking and screaming. Death to the American imperialist “left”. Death to all traitors to proletarian internationalism. Power to the Third World!


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