We are seeing now, as in Afghanistan 2001, Iraq 2003 and Libya 2011, the rabid dogs of western Imperialism circling Venezuela, howling and licking their lips as they anticipate the bloodshed ahead of us. It seems to be the case now that one way or another, mass death is coming. The Venezuelan state, previously reluctant to clamp down on the reactionary opposition with the terror necessary to save its people from massive imperial violence, and ever insistent on playing the “good socialists” – believing that such a thing would lead to them being left alone, have found themselves in a situation where violence in defense of their lives is unavoidable.

While the massive, crippling effect of Imperial economic terrorism against the Venezuelan state and people should not for a moment be understated, as the current crisis is essentially an artificial creation of the western imperialists, we see in current situation ongoing inside Venezuela the failure of New-Left ideology. These failures could be called “Big-hearted failures” as they stem ultimately from the crippling empathy of the Venezuelan state. First, the failure in economics – the Venezuelan state too quick, and focus too many resources on immediate social programs, with much of the country’s oil wealth going into immediate programs to reduce poverty in the country. While this did much in the 2000s to help the poorest, in doing so the Venezuelan state neglected industrialization and diversification of their economy. While investing in an industrial project – one aimed at building up the country’s heavy industry would have initially meant lesser investments in poverty reduction, it would have later paid off as the Venezuelan economy would have become more resilient to outside intervention and economic terrorism. This could have in the future, paved the way to more substantial poverty reduction. The Venezuelan state, not foreseeing the future economic war waged against it by the US, became too dependent on its oil revenues – which relied on the technology of the western imperialist states to extract and refine in the first place, placing it in an economically vulnerable situation when oil prices fell.

The second failure of the Venezuelan state is the political failure, or rather, failures. The Venezuelan state leadership believed that if they just played nice enough, friendly enough, if they made it clear they weren’t the “big, mean, Stalinist socialists”, then the USA would leave them alone. This was, unfortunately, proven wrong. We now know that no amount of friendliness, no amount of “playing by the rules” can appease the western imperialists, as they themselves do not “play by the rules”. They themselves are merciless in the enforcement of the global neo-colonial order and do not care how honorably you play. In this failure, the Venezuelan state neglected adequate repression of the bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie, along with the reactionary opposition generally. Their refusal to engage in the necessary revolutionary terror – to meet the reactionaries with the necessary revolutionary violence, has given the reactionaries the ability to grow strong, and to engage in a decade long reactionary terror themselves, which has resulted in massive suffering for the masses of Venezuelan. Even now, as the opposition carry out terror attacks, kidnap and torture supporters of the anti-imperialist regime openly, the Maduro government refuses to defend his people with revolutionary terror.

On top of his failure – and relating to economic failure, is a failure to correctly perform global class analysis. The Venezuelan government has placed too much hope on the idea that the reactionary masses of the western imperialist states will come to their aid. This has recently led to the Venezuelan state desperately reaching out to whichever community in the west will hear them – both with appeals to reactionary populism, trying to use the image of the 19th century US president Abraham Lincoln in their propaganda, and then reverting to a crude Sakaism – incorrectly labelling the reactionary Trump regime as “white supremacists”. While surprisingly more US “leftists” have come to the defense of the Venezuelan state past recent interventions, the majority of the US – including “POC” Latinos and blacks, along with “progressive” whites violently parrot the narrative of their ruling class, even as the Trump regime makes it clear that a major goal of the intervention is to seize the natural resources of the country. Unfortunately for President Maduro, the Yankee working class – whether white, black, brown, or Asian, simply do not care about the situation in Venezuela – they are more concerned about the latest celebrity drama, or the new Avengers movie than they are the lives of his people. And those who do care – including most so-called “progressives” and “leftists”, are eager to cheer on his death. No matter how much he shouts “Trump is a white supremacist”, Yankee “leftists” will continue to label anybody who supports the Venezuelan people against the butchery of US imperialism as “White supremacists” in return. There is no way for him to outdo with Sakaism the people who created, and who have mastered Sakaism in defense of Imperialism. With exception to a very small, powerless minority, the Venezuelan people can expect no support from the American people.

We are seeing, in real time, exactly what happens when revolutionaries allow their hearts to grow bigger than their heads, as we have seen before with the defeat of the revolutions in Burkina Faso and China. While this failure comes from a place of empathy, it ultimately leads to massive, bloody suffering of the masses as they are crushed under the boots and tank treads of the Imperialists. The entire experience in Venezuela should serve as a warning to future revolutionaries. We cannot allow our hearts to grow bigger than our heads. The enemies of humanity must be crushed quickly, ruthlessly and without remorse. Failure to meet reactionary terror with revolutionary terror in defense of the masses is selfishness, and also extreme short-sightedness on the behalf of the revolutionary leadership. We are seeing now representatives of the US imperialist regime taunt Maduro with images of the late Colonel Gaddafi – another progressive leader, and great friend of the global proletariat whose failure to do what was necessary due to big-heartedness, along with misplaced trust in the populations of the Imperialist states led to his horrifying death.

Criticism of the Venezuelan state aside, it should be clear that the Maduro government represents the legitimate state of the Venezuelan people – particularly the most oppressed and exploited in Venezuela. On both a local, and international level, the Venezuelan state – even if not “socialist”, is a progressive anti-imperialist regime, and a friend of the global proletariat. It is, therefore, the duty of Communists, progressives, and anti-imperialists world-wide to support the Venezuelan people, and their state during this coming turmoil. We must expose the cynical lies of the US Imperialist regime, and educate all those who can be educated on the real, imperialist nature of the crisis. We should expose all so-called “leftists” who capitulate to the US Imperialist narrative as flukes, cowards and foot soldiers of the global bourgeoisie. Real Communists support wholeheartedly the legitimate regime of the Venezuelan people.

If the US Imperialists go forward with their plans to bomb, murder and rape the Venezuelan people into submission, then we should pray that for every dead proletarian in Venezuela, 10 rotten Yankee war-criminals are sent back in coffins to the United States. We should pray that the coffers of the US Empire are drained as find themselves in a quagmire of militant anti-Yankee resistance on every street, in every house, in every field and jungle, that they know no peace even when they sleep. And more so than pray, we must demonstrate real solidarity with the people of Venezuela during these coming trials. If one section of the global proletariat bleeds, then all proletarians bleed. If the Yankee Imperialists go forward with their criminal plans, then Venezuela must be the graveyard of their foul, monstrous Empire.

Victory to Venezuela! Death to America! Yankee go home!


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