Global Class Struggle

– Rizal Roja

We live today in a globalized world, with a global economy and a global political order. Globalized Capitalism, with a globalized ruling class. A bourgeois capitalist in New York City is equally as invested in New York, as he is in London, and Moscow, New Delhi and Yamoussoukro. The drama between the two primary imperial blocs – that centered in Washington DC, and the Beijing/Moscow bloc is based not an ideology, or any kind of opposition to capitalism-imperialism as the global order, but instead on a desire for the new, and upcoming Imperial powers to have a “fairer” slice of the “global pie”. While the two sides may bicker, engage in proxy wars and skirmishes, neither has an interest in the abolition of Capitalism-Imperialism, Neo-Colonialism or the exploitation of man by man. Both sides are ultimately committed to the preservation of the current global world order, and the continuity of Capitalism-Imperialism – albeit in a way tilted more in their own favour. The situation between the two is akin to two siblings arguing over who gets a larger cut of meat.

As the ruling class has become globalized, along with the prevailing world system, so too has the revolutionary subject. The days of Nationalist centered struggle, as existed in the waves of 20th-century social revolution are well over.  Communists must no longer think of the world as divided between countries, nations, ethnicities, races, etc – as this form of analysis is no longer scientific useful, but instead as divided between territories in a continuous Empires. The primary Imperial Power, or “Empire” in the world today is not composed of a single country. Although the United States serves as the vanguard of this Empire, it is not composed of the United States alone, or any singular country, but instead is composed of a multitude of countries, regions and territories which form a single political entity,  We cannot think of the world as traditionally divided between “Rich countries” vs “Poor countries” or “Exploiter nations” vs “Exploited nations”, but as geographic regions and populations in which the revolutionary subject (or “Global Proletariat”) is the majority; the peripheral territories, versus those in which the revolutionary subject is the minority (In other words, those dominated temporarily by the “Global Bourgeoisie”) aka the “core” territories of the Empire. This Empire can be called the “American Empire”, the “Rainbow Empire” (as per its “Rainbow” or “Pink Imperialist” social policy) or the “Atlantic Empire”, as its ruling class is primarily located in North America and Western-Europe.

Even within the richest countries of the world, there are territories and populations – segments primarily composed of the global proletariat. In the United States, these are for instance the Appalachian region and the Deep South, the Indigenous reservations, the Urban Homeless and severe poverty-stricken, and the primarily Black/Latino occupied “Hood” or “Ghetto”, all of which are primarily proletarian. In Australia, the revolutionary subject is primarily composed of the Indigenous population, refugees/migrants, urban homeless, and poor rural whites. Simultaneously, in the poorest countries of the world, there are pockets of the “Global Bourgeoisie”. Eg, the gated communities, situated next to the mega-slums, walled off and occupied by the comprador bourgeois elites, along with a massive portion of the petty bourgeoisie, bourgeois intellectuals and academics, police, and the criminal bourgeoisie (aka “Lumpen Bourgeoisie”). The existence of primarily bourgeois territories and populations is enabled by our global system of Capitalism-Imperialism, and the massive transfer of wealth from the proletarian regions of the world into the currently bought off bourgeois regions of the world. As of the 21st century, conditions are getting worse and will continue to on a global level. The proletarian regions and the bourgeois regions alike are deteriorating. As the global proletariat suffers, the bourgeois regions are undergoing gradual re-proletarianization as the global capitalist-imperialist system continues to degenerate. The liberation of large territories and populations of the global proletariat will accelerate this process, bringing closer the possibility of real proletarian revolution on a global scale.

In the territories in which the “Global Proletariat” constitutes the majority – the poorest regions of the world, the revolutionary organization will take a traditional mass-oriented character, via the creation of a mass organization, and dual power, or “Red Power” institutions of the masses. Eventually, these institutions will pave the way for Red Base areas – Physical, liberated territories of a proletarian state in miniature. The mass organization today will pave the way for more advanced struggle tomorrow. These red base areas will defy national, state, colonial, religious and language borders, with the goal of eventually building a pan-national, pan-ethnic, proletarian superstate. These areas are the “front lines” of the global class struggle. In the territories which are occupied by the global Bourgeoisie – the wealthiest regions of the world, organization must take a “Leaner and meaner” approach. Although revolutionary organizing on mass is currently unfeasible, this does not mean that organization of an important form cannot take place. The necessary infrastructure to support future revolutionary struggle should be constructed here, along with the infrastructure to support militant struggle in the “front lines” of the global class struggle.

Comrades in the bourgeois of the regions of the world can and must play an important role in the global struggle. Class struggle in the 21st century must not be limited to bourgeois borders or countries. There is no time for armchairism or do-nothingism. If comrades are ILLEGALLY harmed on the front lines of the struggle in South Asia, a comrade in Germany can take action against the agents of South Asia bourgeois state in his own locality. There are a variety of activities comrades in the wealthiest parts of the world can engage in to aid the struggle on the global front lines, alongside organizing revolutionary infrastructure locally. Eg, Comrades in North America can mass produce media and propaganda to be disseminated by comrades on the ground in Africa, or via social media pages/groups on the internet directly to the necessary audience. Comrades in Australia or New Zealand can fundraise, and set up legal front groups – religious, secular, businesses, etc. Comrades in the west can also engage in more physical militant struggle – LEGAL activities which harm the political and economic power of the bourgeois state in question. Fundraising, on the ground activism, public support building, civil disobedience, LEGAL hacking, discreet social media agitation, etc. If a comrade on the front lines of the struggle in the global south is harmed by their bourgeois state, comrades in the first world can leave strongly worded letters of complaint on the cars belonging to ambassadors and diplomats, overseas politicians and businessmen of said bourgeois states in protest.

Until we have achieved global communism, we are fighting a war. The biggest, most elongated war in the history of humanity. Every corner on the earth is a part of the global battlefield of class struggle. There are no national struggles. No ethnic struggles. No “exploiter nations” and “exploited nations” Only those territories occupied by Capitalism-Imperialism, and those liberated from it. Territories in which the revolutionary subject is the majority, and those in which it is not. All is temporary. While the revolutionary strategy of the Chinese revolution is generally correct, massive adaptations must be made. The world has changed radically since the 20th century. Air power and communications technology change everything. In 2014, 800 soldiers of the reactionary death-cult Daesh overran the city of Mosul, occupied by 60’000 Iraqi police and soldiers. The world has changed. The revolutionary movement must be elastic. We cannot fixate or rely on singular leaders or leadership. Every revolutionary leader, from the mid levels of the struggle up, must make themselves entirely replaceable. If 90% of the revolutionary leadership is wiped out, the struggle must continue just as effectively under a new leadership. If in one region the struggle is repressed, we must be able to transfer to a new region and start again, over and over again if necessary. We must not allow ourselves to be contained to bourgeois, colonial or Neo-Colonial borders. The revolutionary movement must be fluid and dynamic – ever-changing, ever-shifting, able to reconstitute itself at any place. Our struggle today must be without borders. Without singular leaders or cults. We must use any and all tools available at our disposal. The continuation of Capitalism necessarily means the extinction of humanity. The stakes are that high. We are fighting a global struggle. Global Class Struggle. A Global People’s War for the existence life itself. Reactionary and anti-imperialist groups throughout the world have grasped the changing nature of our world, and have adapted. So too must we Communists. Communism MUST, and WILL Win.


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